Training in Education

Our training and development solutions for schools and colleges range from essential courses that help to develop core skill sets, to bespoke advanced courses to suit student and staff specific training needs.

  • Generic Y10 & Y11 Study Skill Sessions

    Engaging sessions that are delivered in a modular format that give students the tools to identify what may be holding them back and to help them towards their potential.

    Modules include:

    The Motivation Matrix

    The Belief Cycle

    Fixed And Growth Mindsets

    Revision Techniques

    Questioning For Understanding

    Conscious Overload And Why We Forget

    The Subconscious For Recall

    Condensing And Note Taking

    The Power Of Reviewing

    Managing Distractions

    Exam Preparation

    Managing Exam Stress


  • Year 7 Integration Sessions

    Choose from a series of modules to help year 7 students integrate into high school.

    Modules include:

    Communication Skills

    Learning Techniques

    Teamwork Activities

    Knowing Me Knowing You

    Managing Our Emotions

  • Y12 and Y13 Intervention Sessions

    GCSE’s may have come easy with little revision, however, when students move from Y11 to Y12 they often come face to face with the challenges of 6th form study and a hectic teenage life which may include study, relationships and part time jobs.

    We offer intervention sessions to focus upon what needs to change to get them back on track, which can include:

    Study Techniques

    Stress Management

    Future Focus

    Exploring Beliefs (study and careers)

    Managing Distractions

    Emotional Intelligence


  • Insets and Staff Sessions

    We offer Inset and development sessions for staff that include:

    Fixed And Growth Mindsets

    Looking After Your Mental Health

    The Conscious Mind And Subconscious Programmes

    How Beliefs Drive Behaviours


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